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I. Purchase, Prices & Shipping
Price quotes, or those listed on 123laundry.com, are subject to
change and do not include shipping or applicable packing/pallet
charges. Packing/pallet charges shall be applied to the final
purchase price if equipment is not picked up at seller’s warehouse.

Title to the equipment will transfer to buyer once invoice is signed
and payment is received. Upon receipt of payment, seller is
responsible for any loss or damage to the equipment prior to the
date of shipment. After the date of shipment, the transaction is
complete and seller shall not be held liable for any loss or damage
incurred by buyer or any 3rd party thereafter.

It shall be the responsibility of seller to furnish information about the
equipment's make and model to buyer upon purchase. It shall be the
responsibility of buyer to: (1) inspect the equipment prior to
purchase; (2) properly install the equipment to original manufacturer’
s specifications, if needed; and (3) comply with local city ordinances,
if applicable.

Definition of USED or REFURBISHED (as it relates to parts, equipment, or
other items sold) - item that has been used previously that has been
inspected and is in working condition. The state of an item
listed in “Used Condition” or as “Used” is NOT new or like new.
Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs and no shipping costs shall be refunded.

Seller is not responsible for any damage caused during freight or shipping to the
item(s) purchased. Buyer must file a claim with the shipping agent.

II. Returns
All returns must be accompanied with an RMA number signifying that
the Seller has accepted the return and that the item purchased qualifies
for a return. If you receive an incorrect part, faulty part, or if you ordered
the wrong part, you may request to return the item for exchange or refund
by Seller. If the package has been opened or the part has been installed,
a request for return will not be approved. Please contact Seller within 3
days of receipt of the item to begin the return process. A 20% restocking
fee will apply to any returns. All shipping costs associated with the item
purchase and/or returns are the responsibility of the buyer. Electrical
components can be permanently damaged instantly due to incorrect
installation or failure of a non-related part when installed and
thus are not eligible for return unless specifically covered by warranty.

Qualify for a return

The term: USED, refers to items that are not in new condition but that
have been previously operating, inspected and in working condition
when listed for sale. Shipping costs, including purchase shipping
and return shipping, are non-refundable. Purchased items, with the exception
of electrical components, may be eligible for return under certain circumstances.
Any return request must be made within 3 days of delivery. Any items returned
must be accompanied by a RMA (return merchandise authorization) number. Any
approved return is subject to 20% restocking fee. In some cases, on new or used
items, shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser. Items returned must be
unused, undamaged, and in original packaging with all hardware intact. Items
purchased in USED condition must have seller tamper and
identification labels intact.

Any items sold under the condition of non-refundable or
AS-IS are not eligible for return processing.
Seller is not responsible for any damage caused during freight or shipping to the
item(s) purchased. Buyer must file a claim with the shipping agent.
III. Disclaimer of Warranties
Warranties are in accordance with current Manufacturer’s warranties
only. Seller provides equipment“AS-IS,” without warranty or condition
of any kind, either express or implied, and seller explicitly disclaims
any warranties of Merchantability, Fitness for a Particular Purpose,
Quiet Enjoyment or Non-Infringement. Seller does not promise or
warrant that any aspect of the equipment will work properly or
continuously after sale is complete. Seller is not responsible or liable
NEGLIGENCE) arising out of or in connection with the purchase or
use of any equipment.

IV. Indemnity
After sale is complete, seller shall be held harmless from any
claims, liabilities, damages, losses, costs, expenses (including but
not limited to settlements, judgments, court costs and reasonable
attorney's fees) fines and penalties, arising out of any actual or
alleged injury, loss, or damage of any nature whatsoever by buyer or
any third party arising out of or in connection with the purchase or
use of any equipment.

V. General
Nothing in the “Policies & Disclaimers” creates any agency,
partnership, joint venture, employment or franchise relationship
between buyer and seller. Any waiver of any provision of the “Policies
& Disclaimers” will be effective only if in writing and signed by seller.

Repaired/exchanged units come with a full (1) one-year
warranty that covers most unit failure except
as a result of the following: repair, water damage
or corrosion, excessive heat, improper installation,
equipment servicing, user mishandling, or acts of vandalism.

Any changes made to the components or part itself void warranty.
Tampering with the warranty label voids warranty coverage.
In addition, the warranty does not apply if the part has been
dropped or otherwise physically damaged and cannot be repaired.

We must receive any warranty claims before the end of the
warranty period. All items listed in warranty claim must be
returned to us for any claim to be reviewed or processed.
No refunds are available after (30) thirty days from date of

Our liability under this warranty is limited to the replacement
or repair, at our choice, of any defective component(s) free
of charge to our customer.  We shall not be liable for
consequential damages direct or indirect or for injury to
persons or property or commercial loss or otherwise
arising out of repair services or remanufactured products.

We reserve the right, at any time and without notice
to you, to add, change, update, and/or modify
this Return Policy, simply by posting such addition,
change, update, and/or modification on the Site and without any
other notice to you. Any such change, update, or modification
will be effective immediately upon posting on the Site.
Policies are subject to change at any time without
notice and may be viewed at anytime on our Policies page: